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Contact Mammoth Dx for your biopsy kit needs, no order form is required, and ensure to place a request at least a week ahead for timely delivery. The kits, replenished as needed, come with a tray, 3mm biopsy punch, tweezers, scissors, alcohol and povidone-iodine prep pads, gauze, square bandages, a shipping label, and FedEx clinical pack sleeves.

Biopsy kit

1. Get your Mammoth Dx ENDF Biopsy Kit

Complete our requisition form for your biopsy procedure with Mammoth Dx. Whether you prefer our user-friendly app or follow our step-by-step instructions in the paper manual, we ensure it will be a seamless experience.

Biopsy kit

2. Complete the ENFD requisition form

Cleanse the area, administer anesthesia, identify tension lines, rotate and remove the punch, lift and cut the specimen, handle with care, secure in the fixative, manage bleeding, and cover the site. For a complete procedure, click the button below.

Biopsy kit

3. Perform ENFD Biopsy

Label the biopsy vials with the prefilled patient label if you are using the Mammoth-provided ordering, reporting, tracking system. This compliant end to end technology platform uses a QR code for a faster, secure process. Ship the labeled vials using our FedEx clinical pack sleeves on the same day as collection or ship the next day.

Pack and ship

4. Pack and Ship ENFD Sample

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